Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Probux Review Legit or Scam?

Image and video hosting by TinyPicThe hottest and controversial PTC today is no other than Probux and why? Because there are lots of  people talking about this site, some people complaining that their accounts were deleted or suspended  without giving them any valid reasons likewise some people says that Probux will be scamming people  soon since the owner of Onbux which is scam is the same people behind Probux
I don't know what is the real reason behind why their accounts were being deleted or suspended by PROBUX Administrator.

But as far as my earning with Probux is concern I'm confident that this site was legitimate and still paying to their members.

Thus, let us try to find out what PROBUX is;


Probux is a registered company and established on 2004 of July and it was owned by Probux Ltd from Brazil, there were at least more or less 200,000 active members and still counting.

Their mode of payments are thru Paypal, Payza and Liberty Reserve. The minimum amount cash out is  $5.00

As of this writing the available ads that you could click daily is about 16 -18 advertisements and you  could exactly earn roughly  $0.054 as a standard member.

  •  Guaranteed ads daily
  •  Earn up to $0.01 - $0.02 per click
  •  Earn up to $0.005 - $0.01 per ref. click
  •  Detailed statistics
  •  Upgrade plans
  •  Instant Payment
This site has also useful information link such as; Terms of Services (TOS), Frequently Ask Question (FAQ) Forum for the members, Proof of Payments and the likes...


The earning computation below are examples only and not intended to represent or guarantee that  everyone will achieve the same results. In this example, it is assumed that all referrals are active  every day-which is very unlikely. These figures are solely for explicatory purposes.

You have to click every day to earn with this program. This is even more important if you are  still without any referrals in the beginning.

If you make ($0.001 for every ad x 14 ads each day = $0.014) + ($0.0100 for every ad x 4 ads  each day = $0.040)

So daily you earn $0.014 + $0.040 = $0.054

After you reach $2.00 you can rent 10 referrals pack and turn the autopay on.

Standard Members make $0.005 for each click from one of their Rented Referrals

Click from referrals: $0.005 for every ad x 4 ads each day x 10 = $0.2 on daily basis

You will be earning a total of $0.2 per day for 10 referrals + your own clicks $.054 = $0.254
Rented Referral  packages are in the diverse ranges from 3, 10, 20, 40…keep doing this until you  reach limit of 200 referrals for standard member which is likely to take several months to  accomplish but you shouldn’t give up because many people yield at this point.

Your earnings will shoot to $4 each day!

Referral clicks; 0.005 for each ad x 4 ads daily x 200 referrals = $4 daily

On hitting the 200 referrals mark, break off from buying referrals and focus on maintaining the  ones you already have. Do this consistently and the moment you have a $63 balance, advance to  Golden.

As a golden member, you will make two times in referrals. Therefore, you will get$0.01 for each  referral click as opposed to 0.005 and $0.01 on individual clicks and not just $0.001!

Referral clicks: 0.01 daily x 4 ads each day x 1000 rented referrals = $40 daily

Personal clicks: 0.01 daily x 8 ads each day = $0.08 every day

Sum daily earnings: 40.00 + 0.08 = $40.08 per day


As of this writing Probux is really paying instantly to their members, you can see proofs of payment in  my Payment Proof section of this blog.

However let us monitor this site constantly for the future developments.
Therefore I would like to recommend PROBUX to you as Trusted and Paying PTC site. . .